Transforming Businesses, Designing Futures.

At Wicked People, we're a team of diverse minds—systemists, designers, strategists, creative thinkers, coaches, consultants, mentors—working together to help small and medium-sized businesses get into their best shape.

Hey there! We are Wicked People

We're here to cut through the clutter, helping you create a brighter tomorrow. Let us handle the heavy lifting of change, freeing you from past limitations. We're dedicated to enhancing your organisation's FITness for:

Designing businesses for a FITTER tomorrow.

We help businesses succeed by shaping a sustainable, socially responsible future. Our focus is on fostering innovation that boosts the economy, fuels your growth, and drives a 3i approach: Inspiration, Idea development, and Innovation.

Design & Development

We merge Design & Development into one seamless approach at Wicked People. Our unique blend includes Systems Thinking and Action Learning, creating a custom 'blueprint' for successful change and transformation.


Revamp strategy with Consultancy-on-Demand (CoD)—a flexible gateway to resources. Access experienced, diverse consultants directly. We tackle challenges, untangle complexities, engineer success.

Leadership Development

Strengthen leadership via our tailored programs, guiding from uncertainty to mastery, innovation to impact, and generosity to harmony. Our Systems Thinking empowers leaders to navigate complexity effectively.

What makes our brand Totally Wicked?

We help businesses shape their future by learning to adapt and thrive in changing environments.

We aid organisations in improving their self-organisation, believing that using Systems Thinking is crucial for managing today’s complexities.

Our goal is to assist organisations in crafting meaningful cultures.


Leverage our 'FIT'ness© Assessment to evaluate an organisation's Strategy, Performance, and Culture. Identify issues, opportunities, and improvement areas for greater effectiveness.


We treasure genuine engagement that builds meaningful connections, trust, and positive experiences. Exchanging diverse perspectives sparks creative thinking, innovation, and learning.


A deliberate and systematic way of understanding, solving problems, and envisioning ideals. Crafting change options to enhance an organisation's strategic position.

Here are some of our proudest moments

We hold dear those exceptional moments, proud accomplishments that have delivered significant value, leaving a positive and lasting impact on both our clients and our team.