Transforming Businesses, Shaping Futures.

An unconventional movement of Wicked People: systemists, designers, strategists, deep thinkers, coaches/consultants, and creatives working together to help organisations unlock their future.

Hey there! We are Wicked People

Through authentic engagement and co-design, we help organisations to respond, adapt, and perform well under any conditions. We recognise that successful organisations need to make a difference, which involves removing the shackles of the past, by adopting a new 3C attitude of: Curiosity, Creativity, and Courage. We are committed to improving the 'FIT'ness of organisations to be 'FIT' for:

(1) Purpose, (2) Design, (3) People, (4) Learning, and (5) FIT for the FUTURE

Designing businesses for a FITTER tomorrow.

Enabling businesses to succeed by building a sustainable and socially responsible future, by helping them embrace innovation that benefits our economy, stimulates organic growth and drives an agenda of People, Planet, and Prosperity.

Design & Development

A deliberate and systemic approach to improving an organisation's 'FIT'ness by aligning its structure, processes, culture, and people with its strategic goals and objectives.

Wicked Growth

Strategic partnering with an organisation to identify and pursue growth opportunities, leveraging our expertise and resources to drive business growth, and customer value.


A flexible consulting model that provides clients with access to high-value consultants as and when required, offering expert guidance, advice and support.

Coaching &

Helping senior executives to improve their leadership impact by enhancing their profile, presence, people care, and the attainment of personal and organisational goals.

Leadership Development

Developing leadership skills to manage and work effectively within complex systems, towards achieving organisational goals and driving positive change and transformation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A Design-influenced M&A process adds the extra value that organisations need when re-organising themselves as a consequence of realising their future growth opportunities.

What makes our brand Totally Wicked?

We enable organisations to design their futures: Learning to be adaptive and successful in ever-changing environments.

We support organisations to do things for themselves better by being more self-organised.

We believe applied Systems Thinking is fit and necessary for managing modern-day complexities.

We strive to help organisations to design purposeful cultures.


Using our bespoke 'FIT'ness© Assessment to evaluate an organisation's Strategy, Performance, and Culture to identify problems, opportunities, and areas for improvement to enhance its effectiveness and impact.


We value real engagement that creates a meaningful connection, fosters trust, relationships, and positive experiences. Exchanging diverse perspectives and ideas stimulates creative thinking, innovation, and learning.


A systemic approach and intentional method of sense making, problem solving, and idealisation. Generating change choices that help to improve an organisation's strategic position and competitive edge through creative design.

Here are some of our proudest moments

Some standout moments that we are immensely proud of and accomplishments of significant value that have had a positive and notable impact for our clients and people within.