About Us

Wicked People: a dynamic force in Organisation Design, Development, and Leadership. We drive organisations, teams, and individuals to peak performance, empowering them to excel amid complexity and uncertainty.

We are Different, We are Wicked People

WickedPeople originated from the belief that numerous 'expert consultancies' adhere to a linear, framework-driven approaches. We defy convention. Our 'Wicked' distinction revolves around three pivotal elements:

Welcome! My name is Gareth Evans

With over 20 years of experience as an Army veteran and OD&D professional, I bring diverse expertise to the table. Integrity, generosity, and trust define my approach. I'm dedicated to authentic engagement, creative wisdom, and practical solutions.

I help organisations and people excel, aiming for incisiveness, inspiration, and innovation. My goal? Making a social impact and reshaping the understanding and practice of Organisation Design industry-wide.

What makes Wicked People truly unique?

At Wicked People, we keep things straightforward. Our track record speaks for itself: we save money without sacrificing quality, maintain high engagement levels above 70%, and score an average satisfaction rate of 8.1/10 (that’s 81%) across all our client projects.

Our true North is 'Social Value,' guiding us to create meaningful impact. Our USP lies in navigating tomorrow's challenges with compassion, innovation, and a relentless commitment to fostering positive change in the lives of people, communities, and businesses.


To be recognised as a leading Organisation Design innovator, who strives to drive and influence a much-needed shift in how design is seen, understood, adopted, and practiced. Bolder THINKING & bolder DESIGN.


Our mission, purpose, and vision align in a unified path. We strive to help organisations to improve their FITness by being FIT to compete (F2C).

Designing businesses for a FITTER tomorrow.

We help businesses succeed by shaping a sustainable, socially responsible future. Our focus is on fostering innovation that boosts the economy, fuels your growth, and drives a 3i approach: Inspiration, Idea development, and Innovation.

Design & Development​

We merge Design & Development into one seamless approach at Wicked People. Our unique blend includes Systems Thinking and Action Learning, creating a custom 'blueprint' for successful change and transformation.


Revamp strategy with Consultancy-on-Demand (CoD)—a flexible gateway to resources. Access experienced, diverse consultants directly. We tackle challenges, untangle complexities, engineer success.

Leadership & Innovation

Strengthen leadership via our tailored programs, guiding from uncertainty to mastery, innovation to impact, and generosity to harmony. Our Systems Thinking empowers leaders to navigate complexity effectively.