About Us

Wicked People is an unconventional, fresh, vibrant Organisation Design & Development Consultancy. We help organisations and their people to be the best they can be and to thrive in times of complexity, confusion, and uncertainty.

We are Different, We are Wicked People

WickedPeople was conceived on the premise that too many ‘expert consultancies’ operate in a linear, framework imposed manner. We don’t. Our ‘Wicked’ difference has three key factors: (1) Our Network (2) Our Approach (3) Our Learning System. WickedPeople uses the latest and best in class methods, approaches and interactions to transform how people think, feel, act, and behave and to improve organisations’ performance and the people who work in them.

Welcome! My name is Gareth Evans

As an OD&D professional, Executive Coach and Systems Practitioner I have over 20 years experience in helping to transform businesses from Start-Ups to Scale-Ups and FTSE 250 businesses. I am driven by authentic engagement, and a zest to make a difference in everything I do. I take pride in helping organisations and their people to become a better version of themselves by inspiring, guiding and unlocking potential through being: Curious, Creative and Courageous.

What makes Wicked People truly unique?

Wicked People take a no-nonsense approach to how we engage, the value we create and the outcomes we strive to achieve. The statistics prove our case. We offer significant cost deductions with no diluted value, whole-system engagement hovers consistently in excess of 70% with strong average satisfaction score of 8.1/10 or 81% with all our client engagements.
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Designing businesses for a FITTER tomorrow.

Enabling businesses to succeed by building a sustainable and socially responsible future, by helping them embrace innovation that benefits our economy, stimulates organic growth and drives an agenda of People, Planet, Prosperity.

Design & Development​

A deliberate and systemic approach to improving an organisation's 'FIT'ness by aligning its structure, processes, culture, and people with its strategic goals and objectives.

Wicked Growth

Strategic partnering with an organisation to identify and pursue growth opportunities, leveraging our expertise and resources to drive business growth, and customer value.


A flexible consulting model that provides clients with access to high-value consultants as and when required, offering expert guidance, advice and support.

Coaching &

Helping senior executives to improve their leadership impact by enhancing their profile, presence, people care, and the attainment of personal and organisational goals.

Leadership Development

Developing leadership skills to manage and work effectively within complex systems, towards achieving organisational goals and driving positive change and transformation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A Design-influenced M&A process adds the extra value that organisations need when re-organising themselves as a consequence of realising their future growth opportunities.