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By harnessing cutting-edge strategies, nurturing a collaborative network, and furnishing insightful resources, our aim is to equip BNI businesses with the tools and knowledge essential for sustained growth and remarkable achievements throughout the year.

Empowering SME's for a Brighter Future...

Wicked People is here to redefine consultancy with our distinctive approach. We challenge norms with our distinctly different approach. Revealing the inner workings of your organisation, we propel you towards a brighter future with our innovative Consultancy on Demand service.

Our approach… We excel at aiding SMEs in comprehending their current situation, devising a compelling vision of the future, and formulating a clear plan for progress and transformation. Our objective is to free organisations and their leaders from stagnation.

We believe in shifting mindsets… Bid farewell to inertia and embark on an exhilarating journey towards success with Wicked People’s Consultancy on Demand. We manage the hard work while you reap the rewards.

Welcome! My name is Gareth Evans

With over 20 years of experience as an Army veteran and Organisation Design & Development professional, I bring diverse expertise to the table. Integrity, generosity, and trust define my approach. I'm dedicated to authentic engagement, creative wisdom, and practical solutions.

I help organisations and people excel, aiming for incisiveness, inspiration, and innovation. My goal? Making a social impact and reshaping how organisations' operate tomorrow with a deeper sense of purpose.

What is Consultancy On-Demand?

Discover the untapped potential within your SME through our tailored solutions, available exclusively for BNI members. Immerse yourself in the transformative capabilities of Consultancy On-Demand and flourish amidst uncertainty.

What is Consultancy On-Demand?

Discover the untapped potential within your SME through our tailored solutions, available exclusively for BNI members. Immerse yourself in the transformative capabilities of Consultancy On-Demand and flourish amidst uncertainty.

What's In It For You?

Unlock the full potential of your SME with our tailored solutions, exclusively available for BNI members. At Wicked People, we redefine consultancy by challenging norms and offering a distinctly different approach.

Tailored Consultation

Six hours of personalised consultation each month, use these sessions where you see best value.

Strategic Planning

A comprehensive 60-minute ‘monthly’ coaching session dedicated to strategy planning.

Events & Seminars

Access to our half-yearly leadership seminars, and ad-hoc events scheduled throughout the year.

Special Project Discounts

Enjoy a generous 30% discount on any additional special projects, fuelling your growth initiatives.

Performance Reviews

Bi-annual performance reviews at no extra cost, helping you to stay on track as you strive for growth.

Interactive Workshops

Half-yearly, tailored workshops designed for your requirements, at no additional cost.

Wicked Toolbox

Unlock a treasure trove of exclusive online resources, curated to provide SMEs with the right tools for the job.

Commercial Prospects

Collaborate with us to explore and develop new commercial prospects, leveraging our network.

Our 4 Stages of Engagement

Every organisation has its own narrative and challenges. Our roadmap, featuring four distinct stages, ensures expert guidance tailored to your specific needs, from diagnostic discovery to seamless implementation.

Diagnostic Discovery: Uncovering Your Organisational Needs

Immerse yourself deeply in your organisation's intricacies, identifying key areas for enhancement and expansion. Lay the groundwork for sustainable growth and advancement.

Collaborative Conversations: Engaging in Strategic Dialogue

Cultivate a culture of collaboration and innovation through open dialogue with essential stakeholders. Delve into strategic pathways to realise your desired outcomes.

Tailored Transformation: Designing Bespoke Solutions

Craft innovative strategies tailored to your organisation's specific needs and objectives. Drive meaningful transformation and sustainable change.

Seamless Implementation: Transforming Your Vision into Reality

Translate your vision into reality with efficient implementation guided by meticulously crafted plans. Empower your team to embrace change and realise your organisational transformation.

Our FAQ's

Whether you're considering partnering with us or you're already on board, these FAQs aim to address common queries and demystify our approach to Consultancy On-Demand.

Our dynamic approach to change and transformation, goes beyond traditional coaching methods. We focus on empowerment, collaboration, and actionable solutions.

We specialise in working with SMEs across various industries. Whether you're a startup, Scale-up or an established business, our approach is adaptable and effective.

The timeline varies depending on the specific needs and circumstances of each client. However, our goal is to deliver tangible results within the 3-4 months.

Yes, we have a portfolio of successful client engagements and are happy to provide references or case studies upon request. Our satisfied clients testify to the effectiveness of our approach and the results we deliver.

We offer ongoing support and guidance to help clients implement and sustain the changes initiated during our engagement. Our goal is to support our clients to be more self-sufficient, helping us to become redundant.

At Wicked People, we prioritise the confidentiality and privacy of our clients. We have robust protocols and agreements in place to ensure that all information shared with us remains secure and protected. Our clients can trust us to handle their data with the utmost discretion and professionalism.