County Land & Business Association (CLA)

Conducting a full re-design of the CLA's Personal Assistant and Private Secretary function of the Head Office

What did we do?

Conducted a 1st level review/re-design of the Head Office Administrational function of the CLA within the initial boundary of the Policy and Advice teams (PAs & Secretaries). Currently there is an inconsistent approach adopted predicated from past workings.

The scope of work extended to the management structures, the regional offices within the UK and the Country office of Wales. This 1st review formed the path of a wider whole office design later in 2023.

How did we do it?

Using Wicked People's bespoke Design Methodology, we adopted a three-phase approach to the design work: Mapping, Modelling, Making. We carried out 121/group workshops with all staff (8) and leadership deep dives that were a central tenet of our inquiry work.

The information obtained via the various input channels was translated into a comprehensive transformation plan that was time-phased over the next 18 months.

Our Wicked outcomes

It increased team effectiveness within the Policy and Advice teams. It was streamlining roles and responsibilities and operational process consistency.

Re-designed Operating model, including changing in management reporting lines.

Improved communication channels within the Head Office and broader afield to the six regional offices and the country office of Wales.

Here are some of our proudest moments

Some standout moments that we are immensely proud of and accomplishments of significant value that have had a positive and notable impact for our clients and people within.