Medical Research Council (MRC)

Conducted a full Organisation Diagnostic of the Council's Head Office comprising 255 staff and the Design and Delivery of 12 month Organisation Development Programme.

What did we do?

Establish a clear and coherent group of recommendations for making MRC an inclusive, coherent, and happy working environment. Working with senior leadership to create new conditions that augment the impact they have as a leadership function (individual, team).

Developed a 12 month Organisation Development plan that focussed on the three areas of: Performance Development, Re-structure of the Head Office and strengthened the coordination of a programme portfolio of £965m. In addition, established an MRC specific Mentoring Scheme. The expected outcome was an overarching directoriate operating & communication model with a supporting transformation plan.

How did we do it?

Conduct an organisation-wide diagnostic to fully establish the current operating landscape mapped against the future ambitions of MRC as a collective, therefore magnifying the impact they have within the socio-economic arena.

We adopted a 5 phase approach to our engagement prior the programme evaluation and Executive Team presentation.

1. Senior Leadership Team DeepDive
2. Head Office (255) Diagnostic
'3. Fact Finding' Focus Groups
4. Analysis & Synthesis
5. OD Improvement Plan

Our Wicked outcomes

Increased levels of capacity and capability, significant gains in how the organisation communicates its strategic and operational intentions. We increased operational capacity by 18.5% through design in the first 6 months.

Designed a forward-looking operating and communications model and restructured the Head Office with a specific focus on improving ways of operating, communication and management channels.

Improvements in workplace trust and positive shifts in leadership behaviours, action, and learning.

Here are some of our proudest moments

Some standout moments that we are immensely proud of and accomplishments of significant value that have had a positive and notable impact for our clients and people within.