The Royal British Legion (RBL)

Conducted two redesign projects: redesign of the Legion's Welfare service set up to serve a current community of 5000 beneficiaries and redesign of the People & Culture Directorate.

What did we do?

Our engagement with the Royal British Legion (RBL) had three aspects and formed the basis of RBL's overarching transformation campaign - 2020-2025. The three areas of work were:

(1) The redesign the operational delivery of all welfare services across RBL supporting over 5000 beneficiaries UK-wide.

(2) Provide 'Design' input to support the integration of a interim TMO into current PMO infrastructure to support and underpin RBLs five-year plan.

(3) Design and Deliver an Introduction to the Organisation's Design programme of learning for all HR/OD personnel. The aim of this was to enhance the Design capability of the HR/OD Directorate so that, moving forward, they are better placed to support RBLs transformation programme.

How did we do it?

Worked with the Executive Management Team (EMT) to ascertain expectations for the new Welfare approach within RBL.

Adopting a 5-stage approach to Organisation Design in the redesign of all Welfare services through the process of ease of customer engagement (what we know, innovate & create, operating model redesign, engage & refine, build it).

Worked with RBLs Chief of Staff to design a milestone-driven plan of the critical activities needed to establish a 2-year temporary TMO into RBL operating infrastructure.

Using Wicked People's 'bespoke' Design Methodology in collaboration with the HRD, we designed & delivered a 4-month Action Learning programme to the whole HR/OD team (24) within RBL.

Our Wicked outcomes

Increased levels of capacity and capability within the welfare provision to help to exceed RBLs strategic and operational ambition.

An uplift in the strategic capability and effectiveness within RBL with the entire establishment of a Transformation Office.

Enhanced capability within the HR&OD team by introducing and adopting Design and Consulting skills to support and underpin current and future business change initiatives.

Here are some of our proudest moments

Some standout moments that we are immensely proud of and accomplishments of significant value that have had a positive and notable impact for our clients and people within.