Leadership Development

Helping leaders of varying experience and capabilities to lead and align diverse groups towards a shared vision in complex, dynamic systems.

Leading with, and within Systems

At WickedPeople, we see leadership as a value multiplier... A phase that always resonates with us is; leadership isn’t about what happens when you’re there, It’s about what happens when you’re not. We help organisations to do things for themselves better. We encourage and champion the 3Cs of; curiosity creativity courage, an attitude and mindset we are working with and search for. Central to our leadership work is Systems Thinking, an approach to leadership that focuses on collaboration, learning, and innovation to address complex challenges by leveraging diverse perspectives and expertise to achieve sustainable outcomes.

Holistic Approach
& Thinking

Systems thinking encourages a holistic approach that considers the interdependence and interconnectedness of different parts of a system. This enables a more comprehensive understanding of complex problems, which can lead to more effective solutions.


Systems thinking provides a framework for analysing and understanding the underlying causes and effects of a problem. By identifying and addressing the root cause of a problem, organizations can make more informed decisions and avoid addressing symptoms rather than the real issue.

Increased &
Accelerated Innovation

Systems thinking encourages innovation by promoting creativity, experimentation, and collaboration. By fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement, organizations can develop new and innovative solutions to complex problems, which can lead to a competitive advantage and long-term success.

Designing businesses for a FITTER tomorrow.

Enabling businesses to succeed by building a sustainable and socially responsible future, by helping them embrace innovation that benefits our economy, stimulates organic growth and drives an agenda of People, Planet, and Prosperity.

Design & Development​

A deliberate and systemic approach to improving an organisation's 'FIT'ness by aligning its structure, processes, culture, and people with its strategic goals and objectives.

Wicked Growth

Strategic partnering with an organisation to identify and pursue growth opportunities, leveraging our expertise and resources to drive business growth, and customer value.


A flexible consulting model that provides clients with access to high-value consultants as and when required, offering expert guidance, advice and support.

Coaching &

Helping senior executives to improve their leadership impact by enhancing their profile, presence, people care, and the attainment of personal and organisational goals.

Leadership Development

Developing leadership skills to manage and work effectively within complex systems, towards achieving organisational goals and driving positive change and transformation.

Mergers & Acquisitions

A Design-influenced M&A process adds the extra value that organisations need when re-organising themselves as a consequence of realising their future growth opportunities.